Diana Sanzone


I pay close attention to composition, designing both foreground and background shapes in relation to the edges of the photo paper. I position the camera and crop so that shapes play against one another.

I often like viewing from unusual angles to achieve disconcerting spatial relationships and a sense of movement. In fact, I try to capture subjects in transitional moments to enhance the feeling of movement and expectation. Color is very exciting to me. Shooting in color is my first impulse. I also enjoy using grayscale imagery. Each visual world has its own integrity.

I aim to produce mood or drama, something evocative so that the viewer can find his or her own interpretations. I sometimes alter the original photo in unusual ways to jar expectation. In portraits, I try to capture an emotional state or moment which may allow the viewer a connection with the subject and perhaps empathy or identification.

All categories are of interest to me. I will photograph a subject as a vehicle for an idea I am exploring. I will also photograph whatever captures my imagination at the moment.

Example of Diana Sanzone's work
Example of Diana Sanzone's work
Example of Diana Sanzone's work